Something I’ve Wanted Try For Years From Prima Taste Singapore!

Two days ago, I got a big box full of really nice gifts and product samples from Prima Taste of Singapore. Well, yet another box showed up today. I had an idea of the product samples that might be in the first, but not sure on this one – let’s open it!

Hmmm… What’s under the bubble wrap?

Wow – a mysterious box!


Okay so I’ve been wanting to try this for years now, but could never get any of it. This is the elusive Prima Taste Singapore Fish Soup La Mian! I just took a look at the back of the package and it mentions adding a little bit of whiskey to it! Never seen that before!

Under the Fish Soup La Mian was another box…

What a neat bowl! Definitely will be using it for reviewing the Fish Soup La Mian! Thank you to everyone at Prima Taste! Super nice of you!

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