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#1001: Paldo ДОШИРАК (Dosirac) Beef Flavor

Well my friends, onward we march with the first post-1000 review! This is Dosirac with Cyrillic writing on it. I thought at first this is sold in Russia, but on the back there was a clue. I looked up the url mentioned – it turns out the .MN means Mongolia! Neato! So what’s Dosirac? It translates to ‘lunch box!’ I’ve had many of the versions that are sold in trays, but never have I seen a pack version. Let’s give this a try.

Here’s the back of the packaging (click image to enlarge)

A large noodle block.

The seasoning packet.

Salty, with some beef taste. Slightly spicy.

The vegetables packet.

A nice little assortment.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added rib eye beef, broccoli, sweet onion and green bell pepper. The noodles are plentiful and have a nice chewiness. The broth has a nice spiciness and good beef flavor. The veggies were pretty good. A decent spicy beef noodle soup. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 8809296887218


Dosirac advert.

Samples & Swag From Paldo America!

A box from California…

Wow how awesome! If you’re keen on South Korean noodles, you’ll probably recognize that this is the pack version of Paldo’s Dosirac tray. Paldo sells a lot of these in Russia.

I’ll be wearing the hat and apron they sent while I make it too! Thanks to Sungmin over at Paldo America!

#314: Paldo Dosirac Mushroom Flavor Instant Noodle

The last of the Paldo Dosiracs. Mushroom eh? Here ya go…

Veg on top, powder on bottom.

Little chewy funny bits on left and powdered base on right atop the noodle block.

Click image to enlarge. Finished product. Broth – a light bit spicy but all in all not very much mushroom taste that I detected. Reminded me more of mushroom gravy – the taste and not the consistency. The noodles were standard bowl noodle… The chewy bits weren’t bad. Meh. 2.5 out of 5.0 stars.

#313: Paldo Dosirac Shrimp Flavor Instant Noodle

Next to last one of these. Shrimp flavor sounds pleasurable – I shall eat it!

Veg on top, soup base powder below.

Red powder!!! It’s got a slight spicy taste to it too!

Click image to enlarge. Two fried eggs have been added.  Wow this is truly delightful – the noodles came out quite nicely. The broth has a slight spiciness and the veggies are there – not a ton of them but not too bad. The eggs finish it off perfectly. I really enjoyed this one – 4.25 out of 5.0 stars! Get it here.

Go to a Thai joint and try this stuff – worth your while. Note – the noodles above have nothing to do with this vid but again I am unable to find any videos that do.

#309: Paldo Dosirac Beef Flavor Instant Noodle

So here’s another Dosirac, this time beef. More of the same?

Same as before on packets – a veggie and a powder.

Waiting for the boiling water and a couple fried eggs which I topped with a couple pinches of Lindberg-Snider Red Baron Barbecue Seasoning – some of my all time flavoring seasoning I might add!

Click image to enlarge. So the same deal as the chicken. The broth does seem to have a little spiciness to it the chicken didn’t, and there seem to be a few more of the little re-hydrated chewy meat-like orbs floating around. The Noodles are decent. All around a fun bowl of noodles. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

As I’ve said before, I can’t find any Paldo Commercials. So here’s some odd commercials.

#303: Paldo Dosirac Artificial Chicken Flavor Instant Noodle

So here’s some Dosirac. I wonder what it means? Funny name! Perhaps it means Great Taste!

I still find it quite interesting to find the packets have text in Cyrillic… Does Dosirac make sense in Cyrillic?

Or maybe it means hamster pellets? These rehydrate and turn into enjoyable little flavor nuggets.

Click image to enlarge.  I like this stuff. The noodles were tasty and of decent consistency. I liked the re-hydrated chickenny nugs of wonder and there was some veg going on. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.