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#3432: Nissin Eco Style Refill Chikin Ramen – Japan

#3432: Nissin Eco Style Refill Chikin Ramen - Japan

This is one that wad sent to me by a reader named Breeze – thank you again! It’s a refill. So there are cups you can get that are specifically made for these – you just pop this thing into the cup and it fits like a foam cup but it’s reusable, so no need for more foam to be thrown away. Yep. So let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2899: Nissin Chikin Ramen Rice

#2899: Nissin Chikin Ramen Rice

Found this one up at Osaka market at Yaohan Centre in Richmond, B C. I’ve always been a fan of Chikin ramen – it quite literally was the second instant noodle I tried as a kid. I’ve never had it like this, though! So this is an instant rice, but it has chikin ramen flavor. Let’s take a look at this crossover. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1961: Kabuto Noodles Chicken Ramen

Yesterday, I reviewed a chilli chicken offering from Kabuto Noodles. Today, its just chicken ramen. I’m curious if it will just be a less spicy taste or something completely different (yesterday’s pot mentioned it having a lime element while this does not). Either way, sounds good to me. By the way – in the United Kingdom, they refer to noodle cups as noodle pots! Let’s go! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s 3rd Annual Momofuku Ando Day

Momofuku Ando (安藤 百福) – (March 5, 1910 – January 5, 2007)

Today is January 19th, 2014 – and you know what that means? Momofuku Ando Day! In 1958, Momofuku Ando invented the very first instant noodles and started Nissin Foods. I do a special video every year to commemorate the occasion (see below). First, here’s what the Nissin Foods USA website has to say about the man: ...see full post