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#4616: Nissin Chicken Ramen Donburi – Japan

#4616: Nissin Chicken Ramen Donburi - Japan

Back in 2016, I reviewed this one before my son Miles was a year old. This was my 2000th review at that time, and I found it to be really quite good. It came in a special sunscription box (which I’ll tell you about below), and I figured it was due another look. Nissin Chikin Ramen was the first variety on the market in 1968 – and it didn’t have a seasoning sachet; the seasoning was in the noodle. This one is that way as well, and includes a freeze dried block with egg and other ingredients. This was also the first instant noodle I fell in love with when my favorite at age 8 or so was discontinued (Nissin Roasted Ramen). When my parents took me to Seattle to Uwajimaya, a big Japanese grocery, they asked them what was comparable and they steered me towards Nissin Chikin Ramen. I also saw all the different varieties on hand as well and was instantly transfixed; so much foreign text! Exotic flavors! I’m making this bowl today and going to let my daughter Mimi try it when she gets home from school. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1961: Kabuto Noodles Chicken Ramen

Yesterday, I reviewed a chilli chicken offering from Kabuto Noodles. Today, its just chicken ramen. I’m curious if it will just be a less spicy taste or something completely different (yesterday’s pot mentioned it having a lime element while this does not). Either way, sounds good to me. By the way – in the United Kingdom, they refer to noodle cups as noodle pots! Let’s go! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s 3rd Annual Momofuku Ando Day

Momofuku Ando (安藤 百福) – (March 5, 1910 – January 5, 2007)

Today is January 19th, 2014 – and you know what that means? Momofuku Ando Day! In 1958, Momofuku Ando invented the very first instant noodles and started Nissin Foods. I do a special video every year to commemorate the occasion (see below). First, here’s what the Nissin Foods USA website has to say about the man: ...see full post