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#4176: Simply Food Chicken Vermicelli With Bamboo Shoot – Vietnam

#4176: Simply Food Chicken Vermicelli With Bamboo Shoot - Vietnam

You might not know, but there have been huge lapses in my reviews lately. I usually don’t review every day, however I do a few reviews on days when I do. Well, it’s Saturday night and I’m setting up reviews right now to do tomorrow. I’ll have done three reviews a day since last Monday. It feels good – especially since I’ve been able to get out and do my walking and everrything. Anyways, this sounds like an interesting variety, so here we go. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1690: Wugudaochang Sour Bamboo Shoot & Beef In Hot Pot Flavor Noodles

Today we wind up the Wugudaochang Meet The Manufacturer. It’s really been great to try these new flavors and varieties from China in the last few days! I think I have learned a little more about the flavor profiles that are popular in Chinese cooking these days; usually the varieties I get that are from China are for export of course, while these have been varieties only sold and available within China. The flavors have been strong, vibrant and really quite good. I should also say that the quality of these products has been top-notch. A lot has been said of the quality of food coming from China and question of it’s quality. I would say this: China is a big country with many producers – sometimes, things will happen that bring negative attention. They certainly happen here in the United States from time to time don’t they? I don’t think it a reason to stay away from Chinese products – I certainly won’t!  Let’s have a fond farewell look at this bamboo shoot and hot pot flavor bowl! ...see full post