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My Awesome Birthday Noodle Journey!

So yeah look at that insane assortment of noodles – it’s really quite insane. My lovely Kit was so kind as to give me the gift of oriental flava today! First we went to Sun Ya in Seattle – a Chinese restaurant that has dim sum for lunch. Then to Uwajimaya where I got a ton of noodles! The we checked out a place called Viet Wah – that was awesome and yes, more noodles. Then to Seafood City and yes…. MORE  NOODLES! Finally after coming back and relaxing for a bit, we decided on homemade Korean BBQ for dinner. Got the stuff at 99 Ranch Market and yup – got another noodle cup! In all, there’s 65 unique varieties here that will be reviewed on Ramen Rater! So Enjoy!

Here’s a bag with all of the cups and bowls…


…and one with all of the packs and other stuff… Tomorrow, Kit’s going to bring home a box for them…

#219: Six Fortune Tom Yam Instant Soup Noodle (Thai Style Sour and Chili Flavor)

Tom Yam time? Let’s do it.

Who knows how old this pack of noodles is – was got from a seedy little asian grocery on Aurora. The liquid packet was pretty much solid.

It had turned to a gritty pasty stuff.

Click image to enlarge. An egg was tossed in with the noodles as the boiled. So works for me – was hot flavor and lemon flavor which is typical for tom yam instant noodles. The noodles weren’t bad. Nothing too crazy here. I’m giving it 2.75 out of 5.0 – okay stuff.

Where To Get It: 99 Ranch Market

So this place is really nice – they have a wide variety of pretty much everything.

99 Ranch Market

Seattle (Edmonds) store
22511 Highway 99, Edmonds,WA 98026

So let’s get down to business. Here’s a nice long aisle of instant ramen noodles! Many countries are represented here: China, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and others. I have found this to be a great place to get my ramen rating activities back on track.more

Another nice item they have is a broad selection of rice, unfortunately, no basmati although you really wouldn’t expect to find it here…

We find this to be pretty nasty – no we haven’t tried it either! But I figure if they’re selling it, someone’s gotta be buying it!

Look at that mountain of Mi Goreng! Ah hah hah! I think this is awesome.

This was right next to the boxes of Mi Goreng – this is mostly 5 packs of Korean ramen like Nongshim Shin Ramyun and Paldo products.

I love this place; I love walking here and getting ramen and walking home triumphant and very sweaty this summer. Indeed there are many varieties still to  sample! I can’t stress enough  that checking this place out is a must.