Mamee Shinsegae Malaysian Extravaganza – Box 1 of 3

Every once in a while, I get something neat from the folks at Mamee Shinsegae in Malaysia. Well, this time it was three somethings – three boxes full of noodles which I’ve not tried. Let’s take a look at this, the first of the three.


  1. Hello. Since I live in USA, I don’t have store that sell Malaysia noodles. Will you tell me how to order box you received? I would probably like to get all three boxes based on your review. Thanks

    1. Well, the way I got it is companies send me product samples for review. Unfortunately, this was just for me. However, you can find their stuff on Amazon – but the best way is just go to Malaysia – it’s amazing! Easier said than done I know, but definitely a neat place.
      – TRR

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