Prima Taste Curry La Mian Ice Cream!

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I am positive I know what you’re thinking. He’s gone mad. Nope – I just like playing with food. Today, I’m making an ice cream using a Singaporean curry instant noodle variety by Prima Taste. It’s been on my Top Ten lists for years – the noodles, not the ice cream. No, really – I haven’t gone crazy – I just like trying out doing very different things. It fascinates me. Let’s get started!

Prima Taste Curry La Mian Ice Cream


Watch as curry ice cream comes to life!


I got an ice cream machine which works really great. I used the vanilla ice cream recipe in the front of the booklet that came with it (here’s the machine I got). I halved the ingredients and went very light on the vanilla. It ended up rather soupy after the 30 minutes, so the concoction went into the freezer overnight and came out at the perfect consistency. The other aspects were a halved apple doused in cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg and baked face down for 20 minutes and then flipped over and baked for ten – all at 350 degrees. Then a scopp, then a sprig of flowering mojito mint I got from the local fruit stand. I usually buy mint at the store but it always looks like garbage so figured an actual plant would work better and it did.

The Results

Finished (click to enlarge). The ice cream by itself is really quite strong. Sweet, spicy, and the shrimp paste in here come through like a bullet. Alone, very intense and confusing to my palate – I know the flavor well, but being in an ice cream vehicle was just plain strange. The apple however brough some sense to the affair; giving a nice balance. Finally, the mint really wrapped it all together quite well. Alone, wasn’t my favorite ice cream I’ve made thus far, but in this pairing, it was really a neat and exotic dessert.

A side view of the prepared dish (click to enlarge).

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