A-Sha x LINE BT21 Collab Noodle Inspired By BTS

Okay so if you’re me, you probably don’t know what’s going on here. I’ll admit it – I’m 47 and not hip to current things as I suppose I should be. So here goes – there’s a K-POP band called BTS. Them, I’ve heard of, although I don’t know if I’ve heard their music. Then there’s LINE, which I think is a social media or messagiong platform? Then there’s BT21 which from what I’m getting are emoji/sticker characters from LINE inspired by BTS. Please correct me if I’m wrong and my apologies – I’m acronym challenged. But what I do know is I do like A-Sha noodles, so these should be pretty good and I’m really looking forward to reviewing them. Let’s check out the unboxing.

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