#3332: Kubota Men Onomichi Aji Hei Ramen – Japan

#3332: Kubota Men Onomichi Aji Hei Ramen - Japan

This one was in a Ramen Trunk subscription box.These boxes are full of extremely high end varieties that you’ll never find in the United States or anywhere outside Japan! Check out this link and use coupon code RAMENRATER20OFF for 20% off any single box or subscription!

Here’s what they have to say about this one – “

Onomichi is a small city of 136,000 in Hiroshima prefecture known for it’s ancient temples. It is a hilly city southwestern coast of Honshu island, the main island of Japan.

This Ajihei ramen is characterized by it’s soy sauce (shoyu) based broth cooked with fish to imbue a unique but light seafood flavor to round out the broth. Although noodles in the region typically are wide and flat, Ajihei ramen sticks with a more traditional thin-medium noodle thickness to not over power a lighter shoyu based broth.”

Let’s have a look at this fancy premium variety from Japan!

Kubota Men Onomichi Aji Hei Ramen – Japan

#3332: Kubota Men Onomichi Aji Hei Ramen - Japan

Detail of the packaging (click to enlarge). Contains fish (and almost certainly pork). To prepare, boil noodles on high heat for 30 seconds, then turn to medium heat and cook 1 minute. Combine soup base with 300ml boiling water. Drain noodles. Finally, add noodles and soup to bowl and enjoy!

#3332: Kubota Men Onomichi Aji Hei Ramen - Japan

Two servings of noodles.

Two servings of soup base.

Finished (click to enlarge). Added soft egg, narutomaki, chashu, spring onion, Salad Cosmo mung bean sprouts, sesame seeds, nanami togarashi, and chili oil. The noodles are thin and quite nice – they’ve still got a backbone with a light kind of disposition at the same time which was nice. The broth is very rich and has a great oiliness to it. Impressive! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.  JAN bar code 4972874209840.

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