Travels: Taiwan 2017 Day 6: Of Soup Dumplings And Steamy Seafood

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Another beautiful day in Taiwan – again, really great weather which I thoroughly enjoyed to no end. Started things off by having some Din Tai Fung.

So we went to the Din Tai Fung in the Taipei 101 Mall. Was a cloudy day and as you can see, the 101 was socked in pretty well. It’s kind of hard to understand how tall that building is until you stand next to it. Long story short, it’s really, really, really tall. So yeah we have a Din Tai Fung near where I live but I definitely think it pales in comparison to the one here in Taipei.

So my Kyle had some business to attend to as did I. Back to the hotel for a bit to chill. My business involved getting my suitcase all ready for the voyage home tomorrow. I’d been kind of packing and repacking the whole time so as to not have a lot of stuff to do at the last minute. Later, it was time for dinner with Kyle and his family. This is a clip of the elevator at the hotel – I really liked how it was very talkative. I forgot to get some audio outside the elevator where I was on the 6th floor – they had this exceedingly sleepy and mellow music playing all the time. It’s these little things I find so enjoyable about Taiwan.

I went to dinner with Kyle and his wife and son at a restaurant called Seafood Steampo. To be honest, he’d mentioned steamed seafood and I thought bland at first. This wasn’t bland. This was amazingly good and definitely there should be places like this everywhere.

After dinner, we hit Carrefour for a final search for a particular Korean variety I’d seen last trip and been looking for this trip. No dice. Can’t complain though – I did bring home 45 new varieties!

While I didn’t find the noodles, I found this and was able to bring home a couple packs for my wife who is the consummate Hello Kitty fan. Went back to the hotel and passed out.

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