#1198: Samyang Foods Maesaengyitangmyun Baked Noodle

Here’s a brand new one from Samyang Foods of South Korea. They sent instructions on how to cook them as well as a little info about this new variety:

To celebrate Samyang ramyeon’s 50th anniversary, we are opening a new era of instant ramyeon which is Samyang Baked Noodle, using a new technique (dry fast on high temperature). Compared to fried noodles and existing non-fried noodles, SBN has a delicious smell like fresh baked/toasted bread! Try some noodle block before you boil them – it’s so crunchy and nutty. These varieties contain Korean beef leg bone, which is a premium ingredient here in Korea. For your information, Samyang Foods is the only company using Maesenyi and natural veggies! We’ve tried to keep both health and taste in mind, and SBN is the fruit of that endeavor!

Sounds interesting! I’m curious though – what is maesaengyi ? I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere. If someone knows, please advise! – A guy names Mike said: Maesaengyi is a special type of seaweed only harvested in a few regions of South Korea. It allegedly requires clean, unpolluted waters to thrive. Only such seaweed is picked for consumption. – Thanks! Let’s check these new noodles out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block. I took the advice they sent to give it a try – and indeed it does have a nutty flavor to it.

Here’s the soup base sachet.

Light colored – not reddish like ramyun! Curious.

The vegetable sachet I presume.

I’ve never seen anything like this before; it’s like a little furry green chunk of dehydrated vegetables (I think). I tried a taste; it’s like seaweed cotton! I’m guessing this is the maesaengyi? Very interesting.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added egg, sauteed beef, green onions and a touch of kimchi. The noodles are really quite excellent – they have a nice texture that seems familiar as ramyun noodles but slightly more premium I suppose. The broth is exceptional; fresh beef flavor abounds in a creamy rich sea. The seaweed piece readily dissolves and enters the broth in an amazing way; it’s not too strong, not too light. The balance is very well presented and is reminiscent to me of a chowder without the extreme thickness of a chowder. 5.0 out of 5.0 stars.  UPC bar code 8801073112957.

A Samyang Ramyeon TV spot.


  1. […] Last year was the 50th anniversary of ramyun in South Korea, pioneered by Samyang Foods. Samyang decided to try making something new – SBN, a baked noodle. What’s really neat here is that the noodles smell like bread! The broth is a lot like gomtang, a traditional beef soup. To shake it up, maesangyi is added – kind of like seaweed spun into a cotton-like consistency. The finished product is quite delectable; almost like a chowder! Original review here […]

  2. Amazing. I have read almost all of your ramen reviews and you sure don’t rate many 5 out of 5. Where can I get these noodles? I want to try them because I have tried many of your top ten such as Nong Shim Ramyun Black and thought they were amazing.

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