#1160: Samyang Foods Chacharoni

Gotta love the name. This is a South Korean combination of Jjajang (a black bean dish) and noodles. They usually end up nice and hearty with just a sauce and no broth. Let’s check it out!

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge).

The noodle block.

The sauce packet.

Has a rich black bean scent.

The solid ingredient packet.

Some bits of veg and textured vegetable protein.


Finished (click image to enlarge). Added sauteed Walla Walla sweet onion, peas, corn and beef. The noodles are very wide and chewy.- very hearty. The chajang sauce coats everything nicely and is almost meaty although it’s not full of meat. With summer pretty much over, this is a good one for the colder months. 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.UPC bar code 8801073101524.

A Chacharoni advertisement from the 80’s.


  1. Greetings. I wonder, would it be a hassle to include ingredients? Unfortunately I don not yet read Korean but I’m a vegan and need details . . . 🙂


      1. Hans, thanks so much for that!

        Now this next statement implies no criticism of you for helping. But I would like to point out for you and the other readers, I hope you are not eating stuff like this on a regular basis. The ingredients are horrifying for other reasons than non-vegan . . . transfats, modified food starch, “natural flavors” (believe me you don’t even want to know) caramel coloring (not the caramel you think of as burnt sugar, this is chemical madness) and a list of other chemicals. Also it does contain shrimp. So very very bad for people, all of this.

        But I super-appreciate the help and want to say, it’s pretty easy to make your own jajang and keep it in the fridge to add to your own noodles. Once a week (or less often – make more and just freeze it in serving size portions) and you can have enough much more yummy jajangmyeon like your mom (or someone’s mom) used to make.

        I used this recipe and substituted shiitake and portabella mushrooms for the pork – cubed them up and sauted them in oil and proceeded from there. Very delicious. http://www.shinshine.com/my-blog/2011/11/jajangmyeon.html

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