#239: Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu Sweet & Sour Flavor Instant Snack

My lovely lady Kit over at www.supertastysnacks.com reviewed this one last night and I thought I should review it too as all it is really is a snack but it is uncooked ramen. So let’s give it a try!

A packet of flavoring. You smash up the noodle block inside the bag, open the bag, sprinkle this one top and then shake to spread the taste around.

Click image to enlarge. I agree with Kit’s observations: It does taste like tomato soup and it’s spicy.. Sweet and sour? Not hardly. In fact, this tasted more like uncooked Jin Ramyun than anything. It wasn’t too bad but wasn’t anything I found to be earth shattering. Felt kind of short changed really. 1.75 out of 5.0 stars. Get it here.

Did not feel short changed on the commercial though – hell yeah they’re all about it very bizarre.

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