#202: Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup Cabbage Kimchi Flavor

So here’s the third of these Bowl Noodles I’ve tried, Cabbage Kimchi. Some not so keen on Kimchi might not know that its not only made of cabbage but other vegetables too, such as radish. Anyways, Let’s get started.

As with the other two, we have only one packet of seasoning.

I finally remembered this time to get the powder and the veggies in the picture. The veggies are not in a packet but in the bottom of the bowl.

Here’s what we have before…

Click image to enlarge. I added two eggs. I’ll add a couple fried eggs to all of these because I like it that way. I’ve got two more bowls of this stuff ready to review. Anyways… The broth definitely reminds me of cabbage Kimchi. It’s a little spicy, and almost slightly citrussy. The noodles are the same as the last two bowl noodles – limp but logical. The veggies were the surprise for me here. I expected a lot more cabbage going on but not much to speak of.  The eggs complimented quite nicely. I’m going to give this one 3.25 out of 5.0 stars – it was pretty good stuff. Get it here.

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