#184: Myojo Chukazanmai Japanese Style Noodles With Soup Base Soy Sauce Flavor

Some more of the Myojo Chukazanmai. It’s still on sale!

A powder and a liquid…

Hmmm… Looks interesting…

Click image to enlarge. So this is quite good. The broth is very tasty and seems more traditional. The noodles are chewy and very enjoyable. There are little bits of some green onion here and there that have a nice taste. Long story short, I like this stuff – I’m giving it a 3.75 out of 5.0 stars – very pleasant and simple. Find it here.


  1. just tried these…the packaging is different now so they may need to be re-reviewed. Found them to be delicious…a slightly different texture in the noodle, somewhere between Nissan square block, nongshim round block, and gloopy wide rice noodles. Slippery, not slimy, and delicious with a little “crunch” to them… Al dente? Broth was good and my only add-in was a couple slivers of ghost chili. my finished bowl warmed me to the core obviously, but this soup is a 4 star for me

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