#138: Unif-100 Furong Shrimp Flavor Instant Noodles

Some shrimp ramen – looked interesting and furong sounded weird so why not.

Veggies and oil and powder – a lot of powder!

Lookit all that powder!

Click image to enlarge. An enjoyable bowl, although I don’t really think shrimp was a flavor I detected. Some of the veggies ended up crunchy. I wonder if this may have been any better if the oil sachet was absent. I’ve noticed the oil seems a little funky to my taste buds with these Unif 100’s so maybe I’ll try it sans oil next time.

Well, I’m giving it a 3.0 out of 5.0 – overall a good bowl of noodles. Noodles were hearty, veggies crisped once in a while and broth was decent.

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