#117: Ottogi Ramyonsari

So look what we have here – plain ramen noodles! Yup – that’s it. A brick of noodles with no spices.

Click image to enlarge. It was exactly what sounded good this evening – I put a little salt and pepper and some margarine on it and it was delicious! The noodles were of a very nice firm consistency. I guess as far as just being noodles that have been cooked and drained, I would give them 4 out of 5 stars; I mean they’re good noodles… I liked them…


  1. Korean people will think this very funny. This product is to put in soups or etc when cooking other thing. Nobody ever think about eating just only noodle. Maybe you are first. LOL

    How can this score is 4/5 with no taste? It means can’t trust other score in the site.

    1. Sure it does; this does have a great texture and it quite versatile. One thing people commonly do in the United States is discard flavoring packets. These are the best instant noodle only packs I’ve seen, and for that it deserves a high score.

      – TRR

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