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#2548: Ottogi Plain Instant Noodle No Soup Included

#2548: Ottogi Plain Instant Noodle No Soup Included - South Korea - The Ramen Rater - ramyonsari sari ramen

I reviewed this, however in a different package many moons ago. Back then the packaging said Ramyonsari. Recently, I did one called Sari Ramen. Basically, this is a plain instant noodle block in a plastic pillow pack. ...see full post

Re-Review: Ottogi Ramyonsari

Nick at OrderRamen.com was kind enough to send a couple of these along. These are my wife’s favorite – very basic and simple noodles which are tasty and satisfying. I think you could probably ordr them from OrderRamen.com if you send him an email – they’re worth it! ...see full post

#117: Ottogi Ramyonsari

So look what we have here – plain ramen noodles! Yup – that’s it. A brick of noodles with no spices. ...see full post