#114: Samyang Ramen Kimchi: Korean Kimchi Flavor Noodle Soup

Okay a little while ago I was asked as to why I hadn’t reviewed any Kim Chee flavored noodles… So here we go with some Samyang…

A couple packets – powder and veggies…

The powder is rather dark… Ample too – I wager this stuff will have very strong flavor.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the finished result. So the noodles are pretty good – chewy-ish…  The broth is a bit spicy – it is Kim Chee flavor after all… Almost a chili powder vs Cajun seasoning flavor… Not fishy either. I think there may be… yup – lots of radish powder, lots of pepper powders and oil… It’s okay stuff at the end of the day. I’m giving it 2.9 out of 5.0 stars – not bad but not great. Get it here.

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  1. I think these are kind of bland. Certainly not terrible, but they aren’t as good or as distinctive as other spicy flavors. I wouldn’t buy them again.

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