#107: Ottogi Pow Crunch Teriyaki Flavor Original Noodle Snack

So we went to a new place today called H Mart – more on that later! So this is something weird from Korea I just has to try – however, it wasn’t really weird at all!

I think most of you can see where this is going!

Look a flavoring pack – only one of them.

The instructions on the bag are as follow – make a fist and hit the bag. Yes that’s right – smash it. Then open it and add the seasoning packet and then shake the bag and enjoy the contents. I’m not kidding – yeah this is what you used above and to prove it here the back of the bag below…

Okay so how many people have gone and done this with Nissin Top Ramen or Maruchan? Pretty much everyone in the United States? Its an cheap and easy snack when there’s nothing to make or you’re just violently lazy. In fact, I tried this with Top Ramn Beef flavor and when Doritos Sweet n Spicy Thai flavor came out I realized immediately that it was the exact same flavor! I shit you not my friends! Anyways, I think it’s pretty bold to bag up such a thing but not bold enough; the flavoring is definitely meh and the noodles extremely lackluster. 1.1 out of 5 stars. Just not enough here to give any extra.

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