#88: Paldo Korean Noodle Chicken Flavor

So I think its kind of funny – the last ramen I rated was Wai Wai Tom Yum Shrimp – it used only 1 1/3c of water. This stuff used 2 3/4 cups – the most called for yet! This is Paldo Korean Noodle Chicken flavor. This’ll be my first review of a Paldo product.

A sort of large packet. The pack of noodles was large so it kinda makes sense.

Some veggies…

Here they await the scalding pain of boiling water and noodles!

The final product (click image to enlarge). Let’s see… The noodles were larger and chewy – I liked that. The broth was tasty, although towards the bottom became very salty even though  everything was combined evenly and thoroughly. The vegetables were pretty good too. Final score is 3.1 out of 5. If the saltiness were cut back a little bit, I think a score of 3.25 would’ve been deserved. Get it here.

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