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#765: Super Bihun Instant Rice Noodles Kuah

Here’s another one that was lurking in the bottom of the hamper! Been kind of wondering where it had gone – well, here it is! I must say this is my favorite logo ever – looks like a heart and a bomb, doesn’t it? Curious how this one will be. Let’s go!

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#552: Super Bihun Instant Rice Noodles Bihun Kuah Rasa Baso Sapi

Here we go with another of the Super Bihun products – Bihun Kuah Rasa Baso Sapi. Wow – what a name! From having Indomie products many times, I was able to figure out this is meatball flavor. Also, it’s got the little bomb logo on the top left! Awesome!

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#343: Super Bihun Goreng Instant Fried Rice Noodles

This is definitely the most unique of all the packages of noodles I have ever found. Let’s get started.

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