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#1889: MAMA Rangers Snack Noodles Sour Cream Flavour

Okay so for this one – images are smaller than they appear! This is a tiny 15 gram package of snack noodles. It was one that I saw on a table of products that were displayed during a big meeting in Thailand for MAMA noodles and their global factories and these were from Myanmar. I’ll tell you right now that as soon as someone invents a transported like they had in Star Trek, I’m buying one that just takes me to grocery stores and markets in foreign countries. It’s funny; when thinking about going to a foreign country, my first thought is what kind of grocery stores they have there and the exotic instant noodle varieties within. Yep – I’m a basket case. Let’s check out this snack noodle from MAMA of Myanmar! ...see full post

#1854: MAMA Chinese Kitchen Chinese Style Instant Noodles


Here’s one from Myanmar. This looks unlike about everything I’ve ever seen by MAMA insofar as packaging goes. I notice I also have a Korean Kitchen one which also looks much different. Sounds interesting – let’s check it out! ...see full post

#1743: MAMA Rangers Snack Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum Flavour

Here’s yet another one sent to me by the MAMA folks in Thailand. This is a snack noodle made in Myanmar! The MAMA Rangers look to be having a little party on the front of the package! Let’s see if they’ll bring the party to our tastebuds! ...see full post