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#4115: Nan Chuan Dao Sheng Wuhan Sesame Hot Sauce Konjac Rice Noodle – China

#4115: Mingdao Wuhan Sesame Hot Sauce Konjac Rice Noodle - China

Konjac noodles generally are very chewy and rubbery – unless they have a gauge that works well with them. That being said, they’re also quite low in calories – extremely low. This one seems to marry konjac and rice together for the noodle. However, if it were simply konjac, it would be much lower. Anyways, let’s see what we have. ...see full post

#1615: Hankow Shanghai Kaiyang Noodle

This is the first review here in our new apartment. It’s been
frustrating; the only Internet I have currently is via tethering
my cell phone to the desktop, and I’m hoping I don’t go over the
data allowance. So I’ve got Still have 6 days until they install
– which is a long time… Kit picked this one out for me a couple
of weeks ago. There are a couple other ones in this line, but she
picked this one because it showed shrimp and knows I like shrimp.
Let’s have a look! ...see full post