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#2695: GGE Ramen Snack BBQ Cube

#2695: GGE Ramen Snack BBQ Cube

It’s snack time! So today we have a ramen snack from Taiwan. There a whole slew of different flavors and varieties – and shapes for that matter of these products. The first thing I do notice about these is that they’re called cubes, however, they look more like short cylinders to me. This being the case, it begs the question ‘doesn’t a crunchy cylinder sound good?’ I think they went with the right name, to be honest; BBQ Cubes sounds better than BBQ Cylinders. Let’s have a look. ...see full post

#2540: GGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Mexican Spicy

#2540: GGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Mexican Spicy - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater -

Here’s yet another opone of the GGE noodle snack varieties – Mexican Spicy. There are so many of these varieties its kind of mind boggling./ Actually, when you go to Taiwan and go down the noodle aisle, these aren’t there. Indeed, there’s an aisle with chips on one side and noodle snacks on the other. Why do we have so few of them here? I can’t think of any USA branded noodle snacks really at all. It’s like they came out with a few varieties of ways to offer up instant noodles here in the US and then they just stuck with those and kind of quit innovating. I mean, what about a beef stew instant noodle bowl with beef? A A spicy cheese? A pizzas flavor? Closest we get is a cheap cheese cup. I think the instant noodle world in the USA should really go and just kick some major butt and try some new things. I mean hey – no risk, no reward, right? Anyways, let’s check out this snack noodle! ...see full post

#2472: Wei Lih GGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Seaweed Flavor

#2472: Wei Lih GGE Wheat Crackers Seaweed Flavor - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

Okay so first off, what’s GGE? Well, it stands for Good Good Eat. I’ve reviewed other varieties that were simnply called ‘Everybody Loves Good Good Eat.’ The little girl with the big hair is usually on the packaging (I think she’s the mascot) and usually has a somewhat happy expression, although I have seen her looking wistful or depressed at times. ...see full post

#2428: TTL Sesame Oil Chicken Noodle With Rice Wine

#2428: TTL Sesame Oil Chicken Noodle With Rice Wine - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - boozy noodles

This is one I found at a 7-Eleven during my November 2016 trip to Taiwan. So these are manufactured by Wei Lih for TTL. TTL stands for Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor. Tobacco and liquor – what?! Indeed, this is a boozy noodle. It contains rice wine, something apparently that goes well in noodles and cooking. I’m unsure, but I think this may be the first variety I’ve reviewed with alcohol in it – could be wrong. ...see full post

#1966: Wei Lih GGE Noodle Snack Wheat Crackers Soy Sauce Ramen

Here’s another one I got down in Pleasanton, California a month or so ago. GGE is an abbreviation for Good Good Eat, as in ‘everybody loves good good eat.’ Kind of strange but we are talking about Taiwanese snack noodles here (see Leisure Meatballs). Anyways, let’s rip this bag open and check this snack out. ...see full post