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#879: Song Hak Rice Topokki Bowl

While at the KS Mart in Lynnwood, Washington, I saw this and had to give it a try. Wasn’t sure what (if any) noodles would be within, although I know one thing: topokki (or ttebokki) are really neat – they’re like enormous noodle chunks. Korean food is awesome stuff. Here’s what Wikipedia says about how it arrived in its current form:

Following the Korean War a new type of tteokbokki became very popular. While the older version was a savory dish, this latter type was much spicier, and quickly became more popular than the older traditional dish. In addition to traditional ingredients, this tteokbokki used gochujang, a fermented, spicy paste made from chilli peppers, along with fish cakes. Other ingredients added to tteokbokki include boiled eggs, pan-fried mandu (Korean dumplings), sausages, ramyeon (which then becomes rabokki/labokki 라볶이), a variety of fried vegetables, and cheese. These days, many kinds of tteokbokki are popular such as seafood tteokbokki(해물 떡볶이) or rice tteokbokki(쌀떡볶이). Flour tteokbokki was popular in early days, but rice tteokbokki is more popular these days.

Sindang-dong in Seoul, where tteokbokki was first sold, is still very famous for the dish and treated as the mekkah of tteokbokki. Since Tteokbokki has become one of the most popular dishes, one will easily find a place to enjoy eating Tteokbokki in Korea.

Check out the full Wikipedia article here. Now, let’s open this thing up!

Here’s the importer’s sticker (click to enlarge). Ethyl alcohol? Yep – you definitely smell it when its cooking in the microwave.

Here are the side panels (click to enlarge). The sticker was hard to remove – my apologies.

Hey! A new included fork for the Included Forks page!

Here’s the topokki! Like big trippy noodle pieces.

Here’s the spicy sauce!

Hey what is this? I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but I think what you do is open it and pour water into it up to the line. This one’s going to be a real crap-shoot as far as figuring out how it is prepared, but here’s my guess: empty everything into the bowl as well as 50ml of water. Microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. Hope for good results…

Finished (click image to enlarge). I decided to pair it with some of the kimchi I also got at KS Mart in Lynnwood, Washington. I know, it’s a little greenish still – it was very fresh and it’s not completely ripe yet… I have trouble resisting the kimchi. Speaking of kimchi, my 7 year old boy HATES the stuff. But he’s awesome so here’s a link to his blog, Andy’s LEGO Stuff. So the stuff on the right – that’s the topokki. The topokki is chewy and hearty and enjoyable! The flavor is wonderful – spicy like gochujang and has just the right spices and stuff; kind of reminds me of canned ravioli sauce but spicy and a ton better. This should replace anything remotely like Spaghetti-O’s on your shelf if you can find it! This is some tasty and really spicy stuff! Yeeow! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars – pure tasty awesomeness in a very simple form.n UPC bar code 8803560010692 .

You know, every day that I realize that there hasn’t been a huge explosion of Korean and Indonesian restaurants in this country it saddens me a little more. I’m so lucky to live in an area that has a rich ethnic population and a lot of Asian groceries!

This guy’s gotta be happy going to school there! Wow!

#566: Food Mon DJ-DOC Jjolmyeon

This is another from the DJ-DOC line. DJ-DOC is a kind of boy band/dance trio from Korea from what I see on Youtube. The last one of these I had was pretty spicy and like a lasagna! Curious how this one’ll be! This one has ‘jjolmyeon – what’s that you say? Here’s a little wisdon from the Wikipedia:

Jjolmyeon is one of the most popular noodle dishes in South Korea, especially among young people at bunsikjeom (Korean snack restaurant).[3] It is a representative dish of Incheon, where jjolmeyon originated in the early 1970s by a mistake made while making naengmyeon. Noodles larger than regular naengmyeon noodles were made at a factory and instead of being thrown out, were given away to a nearby bunsikjeom. The owner mixed the noodles with gochujang sauce and jjolmyeon was born.

With that, let’s continue…

Click image to enlarge. High octane stuff! Ethyl alcohol and peppers going on in here…

That’s one big packet of red sauce and the green one’s full of veggies.

I’m going with these being the jjolmyeon noodles.

These are the ttebokki in all their glory! Just so you know, I didn’t consider the do not eat packet (desiccant) as a seasoning packet.

Here’s everything ready for a spin in the microwave. So here’s what I did: I put the jjolmyeon in the bowl and added 150cc of boiling water and let it sit for a couple minutes. Then I put everything else in there as you see in the above image. Then I stirred and microwaved for 3.5 minutes.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the end result. The idea that these are chewy noodles is a reality. Very chewy!
I wonder if 3.5 minutes is a little much for this bowl? Anyways, it’s some good stuff! The ttebokki is nice and chewy and the noodles are as well and the sauce and veggies – wow like an Asian lasagna with a bit of pure fire added in! Excellent! Another 5.0 out of 5.0 for the Food Mon DJ-DOC line!

Kinda neat video by DJ-DOC. The sample is actually from a song called “Street Life” that was originally recorded by The Crusaders and featured prominently in one of my favorite movies of all time, “Jackie Brown.”

Another in the series of Thanksgiving home movies people have put on Youtube I’ve found. This one had a slightly creepy red tinge to it I liked.

#490: FoodMon DJ-DOC Instant Ramen Rice Toppokki

First things first. My wife pointed this out at a Korean supermarket here in town and I was like ‘what the heck is this?’ So we got it and I’ve had some issues with it. First, I had a lot of problems finding out how to cook it. Also, what was it called??? As you can see, there’s one of those funky square bar codes on top of the container here. I went and scanned it with my Android phone and sent it to the Google translate. Click here to see what it comes up with…

I have no idea what this is – it was a little tag that was bumping around under the plastic wrap. The little thing on the fork is called Ttebokki or maybe Toppokki – I’m really not sure at this point.

This is a pretty big packet of hot, sweet paste. Smells really good!

Here’s the package of vegetables. Good size to it.

Okay here’s a package of the noodles.Interesting…

Then, the Ttebokki or Toppokki (if you know what it is, please let me know!). Never seen anything like this in a bowl noodle kind of thing. But this isn’t your regular old bowl of noodles…

So after looking at this and trying to find English instructions, I decided go cook it this way: put the noodle round into the bottom. Add 150cc water. Put the toppokki on top of that, then all the sauce and the veggies, then put the plastic lid on and microwave for 3.5 minutes.

Here’s everything before the microwave.

Click image to enlarge. The finished product.  At some point the lid popped off! I stirred everything together and tried it. It reminds me of a spicy lasagna in a way. I liked how the big noodle things interacted with the regular ramen noodles. The sauce was excellent!! Everything worked well and it was fascinating. I highly recommend it! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars – a lot of awesomeness!

So DJ-DOC is a music group from Korea – enjoy!