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Meet The Manufacturer: #3103: Neo-Essence Top-Graded Spicy Sauce Ramen Noodles – Taiwan

Meet The Manufacturer: #3104: Neo-Essense Top-Graded Spicy Sauce Ramen Noodles - Taiwan

I was contacted by a woman named Katrina while my wife and the kids were in a department store looking for shoes. She told me about these really great noodles and that I should try them. She mentioned the noodles were from Taiwan, and that she was in contact with the manufacturer. Shortly thereafter, I was in contact with the manufacturer, and from there got to here – reviewing the product. I’ve had products cross my desk that were in boxes before, but this one is pretty fancy and posh. Of course, a fancy box doesn’t make a noodle good – it’s the noodle and flavors that do that. Let’s see if this packaging reflects this noodle product. ...see full post

#293: Tiger Brand Food Onion Flaver/Flavor Bowl Rice Noodles

So spell-check wasn’t working the day you made the lid for this stuff was it folks? No matter – I will be forgiving on that note as I review a bowl of noodles that claims to have onion flavor – and I really like onions so this should be awesome! ...see full post