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#2991: Big Bon Chicken & Salsa Sauce Instant Noodles – Russia

#2991: Big Bon Chicken & Salsa Sauce Instant Noodles - Russia

Here’s another of the Russian varieties that were found in Uzbekistan and sent by the kind folks at halalfoodblog.com – thank you! They’re in Singapore – so to sum up: Some nmice Singaporean folks visited Uzbekistan and found Russian instant noodles then mailed them to me here in the United States. Truly a well-traveled pack of noodles! Let’s take a look! ...see full post

#2897: Big Bon Spice Mix Hot & Spicy

#2897: Big Bon Spice Mix Hot & Spicy

This one came by way of the halalfoodblog.com – thank you! I’ve followed them for a while on Instagram and they’ve done posts about noodles before. They were in Uzbekistan visiting and showed some noodles in a shop – and I commented and they offered to send me some – and here is one of them! Very nice of them. So after a little research I’m finding that these are made in Russia – at least I’m 99% sure.  This is the first Russian variety I’ve reviewed! Let’s check it out! ...see full post

Unboxing Time: Russian & S’pore Varieties Send By The Halal Food Blog

Unboxing Time: Russian & S'pore Varieties Send By The Halal Food Blog

A few weeks ago, I commented on a post I saw on The Halal Food Blog‘s Instagram. Always really neat things to see there! Well, I saw a picture showing some instant noodles and that they were in Uzbokistan! I was immediately curious and they offered to send me some! Well, today I’ve got a box and it’s Unboxing Time, so let’s get to it! ...see full post

#1001: Paldo ДОШИРАК (Dosirac) Beef Flavor

Well my friends, onward we march with the first post-1000 review! This is Dosirac with Cyrillic writing on it. I thought at first this is sold in Russia, but on the back there was a clue. I looked up the url mentioned – it turns out the .MN means Mongolia! Neato! So what’s Dosirac? It translates to ‘lunch box!’ I’ve had many of the versions that are sold in trays, but never have I seen a pack version. Let’s give this a try. ...see full post

Samples & Swag From Paldo America!

A box from California…

Wow how awesome! If you’re keen on South Korean noodles, you’ll probably recognize that this is the pack version of Paldo’s Dosirac tray. Paldo sells a lot of these in Russia. ...see full post