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#3182: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Roast Beef Flavor – United States

#3182: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Roast Beef Flavor - United States

I’ve reviewed this in the past, but this one has new packaging and so gets a new number. I dunno – could have a new recipe too. Many companies are making subtle below the radar changes on their domestic product lines including lowering sodium. It’s kind of funny; people complain about the amount of sodium in instant noodles, but when presented a lower sodium product that exclaims the feature, they’ll shy away with thoughts of blandness. It just goes to show people are kind of conflicted. Okay, not kind of. ...see full post

#2672: Wei Lih Roast Beef Stew Noodle

#2672: Wei Lih Roast Beef Stew Noodle - Taiwan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

Woot, woot! This one comes by way of Jay from Taiwan – thank you! This is a meaty one! Big retort pouch inside. These things actually have some heft to them (they weigh a bit). ...see full post

#2136: Nissin Demae Ramen Roast Beef Flavour Instant Noodle

Here’s another I reviewed as part of a collaboration with Apple Daily news. Nothing like a good beef instant noodle! I remember a couple years ago being told that Chinese sausage is popular to put in with beef instant noodles, so I think that’ll be what gets put in today – haven’t used it in a long time. Just to reassure you, nothing gets scored after I put any external ingredients in. That’s the way I always review; I think you’ll agree that’s the only fair way to do it. anyways, let’s get started! ...see full post

#1286: Batchelors Super Noodles Roast Beef & Onion Flavour

Here’s one from the UK! Thanks to Joe B. and Sarah B. of Notthingham for sending these my way! Well, let’s check ’em out! ...see full post

Awesome Package Of British Instant Noodles!

Another great box of instant noodles from Joe B. of Nottingham, England! Curious to see what exotic varieties lurk within! ...see full post