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Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods (1 of 2)

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods - United States - The Ramen Rater

A big box – a big box that’s cold! Let’s see what’s inside.

Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods – United States

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods - United States - The Ramen Rater

A foam cooler.

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods - United States - The Ramen Rater

Some Kraft paper.

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods - United States - The Ramen Rater

Refrigerated packs. These contain a gel that stays frozen for long periods of time.

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Blount Fine Foods - United States - The Ramen Rater

Here are the refrigerated bowls (click to enlarge)! Two of each of the two noodle bowl varieties. Look great to me – thanks – can’t wait to try these!

Meet The Manufacturer: Mama Pat’s Foods Product Samples

Meet The Manufacturer: Mama Pat's Foods Product Samples - United States - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

A box arrived today via FedEx. Indeed, it’s always nice to get a package in the mail and always exciting to see what’s inside. I’ve gotten many donations from readers and companies in the past, but this one arrived in an interesting way.

So we had to go out and it was going to arrive most likely while we were gone. What I do in this case is put a sign on the door and tell couriers to leave them at the apartment complex’s office. Well, I got notification that it was left at the doorstep. When we got home, it was sitting right there – and the sign was removed! Dirty pool, FedEx! Crummy too when a company sends products overnight – you’d think they’d realize that the package should be dealt with with a little more respect. Luckily, it was right where they’d left it and everything was in good condition. So there’s my rant about packages! Let’s crack it open and see what’s inside!

Mama Pat’s Foods Product Samples – United States

Meet The Manufacturer: Mama Pat's Foods Product Samples - United States - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

Bubble wrapped very nicely!

Meet The Manufacturer: Mama Pat's Foods Product Samples - United States - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles

Here we have the treasure (click to enlarge). There are four different Mama Pat’s Foods instant ramen noodles varieties: Seafood Gumbo, Chicken Taco, Chicken Fajita and Lamb Stew. Indeed, I have never reviewed any flavors like these to be honest. They’re all very unique and fascinating – definitely something new to check out. What’s more, they come with a drink you mix up! This is an interesting thing to see – I’m curious how this will hit the noodle industry – definitely an easy to include innovation, that’s for sure.  This is awesome – thanks to Chef Ron for getting these to me so quickly! Looking forward to trying them all.

Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Maggi Singapore 2

Maggi singapore wanted to make sure I got their newest prodct – MAGGI Senses Laksa for review during Meet The Manufacturer. They rolled it out in June and here it is! Let’s see what’s inside!

Whoa this looks fancy!

Wow how awesome! A Maggi bowl and chopsticks/spoon combo!

This stuff looks really interesting – I can feel that the package has some good stuff inside – nice big seasoning sachets!

finally, an autographed card – autographed by two from Maggi Singapore and KF Seetoh, a very well known guru of Singaporean street food. Thank you all very much! This is really neat!

Samples From Nissin Foods USA!

A big box…

Full of…

New stuff! Scott A. over at Nissin Foods USA sent a couple new items – Habanero Lime Chicken and Habanero Lime Shrimp Big Cup Noodles, Spicy Teiryaki Beef Chow Mein and a couple from Japan – another Nissin Raoh (this time miso) and the pack version of the Nissin Raoh Rich Soy Sauce & Backfat! Awesome! Thank you very much!

Special Re-Review: Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Premium Noodle Soup / EatYourKimchi.com Recipe Mash-Up

So this guy named Dave P. posted a YouTube video on the Ramen Rater Facebook page showing some people in Korea making a bowl of Shin Ramyun a little different that I’ve made it in the past. I thought I’d try to get the ingredients and give it a try. Here’s the video:

Anyways, I had a pack of Shin Ramyun Black I got at Uwajimaya in Seattle and though ‘hey, let’s give it a try!’ Here we go.

Here’s the back of the package (click image to enlarge). This was from the original review.

First, the noodle block. Round! Fits great in the pot! Very thick too – lots of nice Nong Shim noodles!

The three magic packets: the big green one has veggies and nice little beef bits. The red is the spicy soup base and the bottom one is the very nice smelling pack! Very onionny.

Again from the original review. Green pack top, red lower left and gold packet lower right.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the odeng. I went with the fact that this is Shin Ramyun Black had the extra word ‘Black’ in it and considered that a replacement ingredient. Really wish I would’ve found it [email protected] Next time. Here’s the might frothed egg.

Bok choy!

Finally, the slice of processed cheese. This is a slice of Kraft Singles American Pasteurized Cheese. I wonder if the cheese in Korea was Korean cheese? Interested to know.

Finished (click image to enlarge). This was really good – as for the noodles, here’s what I posted in the original review:

The noodles are of a good quality. They are chewy but not overly so. There is also a happy aundance of noodles, making for a decent sized meal. The broth is fine –  nice spiciness that you would expect from Shin Ramyun but it has an added depth and richness. I taste a lot of onion, garlic and meaty tones. As for the veggies and beef, I think that’s where this bowl shines. The beef is excellent – like little pieces of steak amongst the noodles – chewy and they taste fresh and good. The vegetables re-hydrate very nicely – and they aren’t tiny little bits! They’re of a decent size and of good quality. Long story short, I would happily say that this is one of the better South Korean instant noodles I’ve tried, possibly ranking up in the top two or three. I will say I like it better than the original Nong Shim Shin Ramyun as well. I’m giving this one 4.75 out of 5.0 stars. Why not 5.0 stars? Well, I would have liked a little more of the beef!

Adding the extra ingredients and using the EatYourKimchi.com recipe, I’d jump it up to 5.0 out of 5.0 stars – the egg was nice but the bok choy and surprisingly the cheese really round things out and make it even better! The cheese makes the broth a little heartier. The UPC barcode is 031146013524 and you can get it here. Thanks for the post to Simon and Marina at EatYourKimchi.com! Very good stuff!


The Gaming Edition of Wonderful Adventure Now Korea (WANK)

Then it totally started dumping snow as soon as I finished the noodles!

#321: Little Cook Spicy Beef Flavor

So this looks really interesting. Upon tearing off the outer cellophane, i notice that where it says NEW TVP SPICY BEEF FLAVOR is actually a sticker. In fact, on the sides there were stickers as well – ingredients, nutrition facts and direction on preparation.

My Spidey Senses were tingling. I took the lid off of the bowl and held it up to my swing arm lamp. Lo and behold, hidden by the NEW TVP SPICY BEEF sticker were the sacred words ‘with Real Meat.’

The bowl contained two packets – first a small one containing some bit of veg and some soup base very much smelling and tasting like curry.

Then, the retort pouch – something I have not seen since my youth. What is funny is that its exactly the same as it was when I was a kid – same size, lettering and everything. So this means there’s some sauce and possibly some decent veg and meat going on inside. Thing is that from seeing what it said underneath the sticker on top and reading the ingredients sticker, I was not going to find any meat in this sucker.

Ah yes – don’t use this if its punctured or oozing everywhere.

There’s the curry like soup base atop the noodles. See the line? That’s the boiling water line! I was floored – it asks for so much…

But I obliged it to a degree; it said to leave the lid attached and use the Retort Pouch to hold it down as the noodles ‘cooked.’ I decided of course to go the sane route and use an old Tower of Power record.

Here we are – the finished product (click image to enlarge). First, the noodles are great – nice texture and firmness. The broth is spicy and beef-like and very curry. Finally the textured vegetable protein fake meat things that are found here and there are really weird but interesting and flavorful too. In short, this whole things is a smorgasbord of oddities tat I find irresistable. 4.75 out of 5.0 stars! Little Cook is the man!

#307: Royal Umbrella Vegetarian Tom Yum Instant Cup Noodle

A cup noodle from Thailand that isn’t MAMA brand? Well, let’s give it a try. This company is better known for rice products.

Here’s the lid…

The only packet inside is hot chili paste.

So the seasoning is in the noodles as is the veggies.

Click image to enlarge. Finished product. The noodles are your standard no frills cup noodles. The broth is salty with a nice light vegetable flavor and a little heat, and there’s a decent amount of veggies. I’m giving this one a 2.75 out of 5.0 stars. It’s okay but doesn’t have much of the citrus flavor I’m used to with a tom yum and just doesn’t captivate me.