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#3523: Little Couples Dry Noodle Sesame Flavor – Taiwan

#3473: Little Couples Dry Noodle Sesame Flavor - Taiwan

Little Couples sent me two varieties – an Onion one that was about as good as can be, and this one which I’m curious about. This one won’t be noodles with sesame oil. Instead, in Taiwan sesame is more of a sesame paste with peanut notes and soy sauce which pulls it all together. My wife found this out in the early years of my reviewing one time when we got some sesame noodles and she was very excited, but when she tasted peanut she was really quite unhappy. She is not a fan of peanut butter, and that’s what it reminded her of. ...see full post

#1780: Pulmuone Non-Fried Noodle Blackbean Sauce Noodle With Squid

It’s been almost 400 reviews since the last Pulmuone product I’ve reviewed. Found this one at a local South Korean grocery store and thought today would be a good day to try it. Seems like I’m finding less South Korean varieties to review as of late which really bums me out – Always been a big fan of South Korean instant ramyun. Well, this one is from Pulmuone, a company which shoots for the healthier mark with their products. The noodle aren’t fried, so I’m guessing they’re baked or air-dried. Let’s have a look at this one – with squid! ...see full post