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#3354: Yumei The Lazy Noodle Sichuan Green Pepper Flavor – China

#3954: Yumei The Lazy Noodle Sichuan Green Peeper Flavor - China

Another one I found at that fascination bastian of things Asia in Canada, Smart’n’Save at the Lansdowne Centre mall in Richmond, BC. This is something new to me – green pepper? Sichuan? Hmm… What’s it all about? Let’s fint out. ...see full post

#3282: EDO Pack Spicy Flavour Noodle – Hong Kong

#3282: EDO Pack Spicy Flavour Noodle - Hong Kong

Okay so now that I’ve been doing a lot of weight loss and walking like a fiend (one might call me a White Walker – Game of Thrones reference, sorry), I’ve been running through shoes like crazy. I really like these $30 pairs I’ve been finding at Walmart up in Canada, but as you can guess, after a week there are holes in them. We went up in search for a new pair for me again (no luck grrr) and and during our time up there we hit Lansdowne Centre, a mall in Richmond. Well, there was a new store (at least I think it’s new but I don’t know how we could have missed it) that has a staggeringly wonderful noodle selection. The place is called Smart N Save and they’ve got some really neat stuff in there, including this one. Let’s check it out. ...see full post