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#4352: Paldo King Noodle Mild Chicken Flavor – United States

#4352: Paldo King Noodle Mild Chicken Flavor - United States

Thanks to BNB Global for sending this along! So this looks like a ‘king cup’ but I tend to consider them bowls. I’m thawing chicken in the sink right now for this one and the previous two as well. It’s hot – it’s about 8pm and 89 degrees (July 30th) and just been a tough go. We’re about to have a record for most 90+ degree days in the Seattle area ever. It’s gross. So, what do I do? I bake pizzas, cook ramen in boiling water. It’s a challenge. Anyways, hopefully when I do this up tomorrow it’ll be cool in the morning. Let’s hit it! ...see full post

#1766: Paldo Bulnak Bokeummyun King Noodle

I recently did the Top Ten Spiciest list and the not-so-distant cousin of this one (basically the pack version) was in the second place position. I think this one was definitely violently hot and a good choice for the Fire Noodle Challenge that lots of people do on YouTube. Anyways, let’s see what we have in the bowl and maybe I’ll have to give this Fire Noodle Challenge a shot. ...see full post

Re-Review: Paldo Lobster Taste King Noodle

Last night, Obama got re-elected as the President, and here in Washington state, same-sex marriage was approved – as was the recreational use of marijuana. Quite an evening! Anyways, was fun watching the political process wind up and come to a close for this cycle. Now, on to the urgent task of noodle reviewing!  The last time I reviewed this one was back in February of ’11 and was #287 (link). I forgot how awesome the picture on this one – I love how it says ‘serving suggestion.’ It makes me think that this is one enormous king of the lobsters that wants you to serve it these self-flavored noodles! Roarrr!!! On a side note, if you look at the lower right hand side of the cup, you can see it says “Chitosan Oligosaccaride 2 mg.” What the heck is that?!?! What I got out of this Wikipedia article is that this is something that comes from the exoskeletons of crustaceans. It got me thinking – Chitosan… ChitoSlim? I remember commercials for ChitoSlim, a weight lossupplement. I found it and lo and behold it contains 1000 mg of Chitosan. I figure it’s basically like a super-fiber. Anyways, let’s continue. ...see full post