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#610: Wei-Wei “A” Series Instant Noodles Artificial Chicken Flavor

Here’s yet another from Michelle L. of New York. I am really digging the “A” series so far!

Here’s the back of the packaging (click image to enlarge).

Powder on the left and oily base on the right.

Again like #609, the block is very angular and flat – you could rest a Slurpee on top of this without worry that it would fall over!

Dry seasoning on the left, oil seasoning on the right. This stuff was steeped with the noodles under an 80’s yearbook for four minutes…

Finished (click image to enlarge). So I made a couple eggs, scrambled them in the pan, put a touch of Colby cheese and some ketchup, turned it into an omelet, and finally a few pinches of Cavender’s Greek seasoning. Not bad – was a little greasy and the chicken flavor wasn’t super good. The noodles were nice though. Didn’t finish the broth though. Good amount of veggies. Last “A” was better. 3.25 out of 5.0 stars. Find it here.

Yay! Chicken nuggets!

#474: Saigon Ve Wong Kung-Fu Shrimp & Crab Flavor Instant Rice Noodles

Something else from Saigon Ve Wong – Shrimp & Crab flavor! I sure found a lot of these down in California at the Dublin 99 Ranch Market. They’re pretty cheap too – I think these were around a dollar. I recently had a request that I include the prices of these noodles on my reviews – and that’s going to be a little tricky… See, when I go noodle hunting, I end up getting as many new kinds as I can and a lot of the time the receipt has a list – and extremely cryptic listings. So I’ll do my best – I can do an ‘around’ pricing kind of deal. So yeah – this was around a buck. Anyways…

Four packets! Sweet! Starting top left going clockwise: veggies, seasoned oil, powder soup base, chili powder.

Everything sitting atop some rice noodles.

Click image to enlarge. Added two fried eggs with a little bit of Cavender’s All-Purpose Greek Seasoning (really awesome stuff – if you haven’t tried it, check it out here). So this was better than I expected – the noodles came out a little more al dente than usual – usually a complaint but it worked here. The broth was very tasty – lots of nice veggies and bits of shrimp. I was very happy with this one – 3.75 out of 5.0 stars.

Vietnamese noodle fondue? Oh wow this looks really cool!

Travel video about Vietnam – looks pretty interesting!