Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Thien Huong Food – Vietnam

Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Thien Huong Food - Vietnam

Time for a new Meet The Manufacturer! Today, we start with an interview with John Nguyen of Thien Huong Food of Vietnam. This is the first Vietnamese MTM I’ve done with a company, so this is pretty special! Look forward to some neat varieties over the next few days! With that, let’s begin with the interview!

Interview With Thien Huong Food – Vietnam

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you for agreeing to this interview! To start, can you tell my readers about the history of Thien Huong Food?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> Thien Huong Food Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Vi Huong Thien Huong, was established in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City today) in 1964. Thien Huong was producing MSG under the brand “Vi Huong To,” which was one of the largest brands in Southeast Asia and instant noodles with the trademark “Vi Huong.”

– After 1975, the company changed its name to Thien Huong MSG.

– In 1992, it was renamed Thien Huong Food factory. The company focused on producing instant noodles as the main product, besides Thien Huong Soup, Vi Huong Porridge… At the same time, stop producing MSG.

– In 1995 the company was renamed Thien Huong Food Company.

– In 2000, Thien Huong City was equitized into Thien Huong Food Joint Stock Company.

Instant noodles “Vi Huong” is considered as one of the oldest products, with the reputation of domestic and foreign consumers for decades. In addition to instant noodles with paper packaging with Vi Huong brand name, shaped with two traditional shrimp. Thien Huong produces hundreds of brands of noodles with different flavors to meet the taste of consumers throughout the region countries as well as various export customers in the world. In parallel with instant noodles, instant noodles products, dried noodles, instant noodles are now the main strength of the company distributed throughout the country and abroad.

Currently, instant noodles and instant rice noodle products have exported in 40 countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia.

TRR> For my readers who might now be familiar with your product lines, can you give a little information about them please?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> Our instant noodles are made from wheat flour, with the principle of quality above all. Vi Huong Thien Huong uses the source of Wheat Flour imported from Australia, one of the best wheat-producing countries in the world. The combined experience of having produced more than 55 years on the Japanese instant noodle production line has created quality noodles that are soft and chewy, trusted by domestic and foreign consumers.

TRR> What was the first product you produced?


TRR> Do you have any new varieties you’re especially proud of?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> Shrimp flavor (“two shrimp”) instant noodles are the best seller. The other types such as Spicy Shrimp, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian, etc. are the strength of the company in the instant noodles chain. Various types of noodles, cup noodles, rice noodles, and noodle soup are new, convenient, and high-quality products in recent years to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

TRR> How many instant noodle products do you produce every year?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> The company produces about 383 million packs (bowl/cup) (average 60gr/pack) every year.

TRR> How do you decide what kinds of new products to manufacture?

Vi Huong Thien Huong always has plans to research new products according to new tastes that the market does not have. With the desire to bring new products that are different from competitors, but it is suitable for the taste of consumers.

THIEN HUONG FOOD> How does your noodle making process differ from other instant noodle manufacturers?

With over 55 years of experience, Vi Huong Thien Huong has a wealth of manufacturing experience with our passion, knowledge, and traditions. “Safe, quality, competitive price, and suitable for consumers.” is our motto.

TRR> Are instant noodles the only products you make?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> We also produce rice noodles

TRR> A lot of people are concerned with their sodium intake. How would you recommend people enjoy your product as part of a healthy meal?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> According to WHO, each person should use less than 5gr of salt per day (equivalent to 1 teaspoon.) On average, each Vi Huong instant noodles 65gr -70gr has content salt below standards WHO recommended.

TRR> In what countries are your products popular? Do people enjoy them differently in different places?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> Our products are popular in Vietnam. It is the oldest instant noodles brand in Vietnam. Until now, it still the most popular instant noodles in Vietnam. Every body from elderly to young know Vi Huong.

TRR> When you make noodles for yourself, what do you like to add to them to make them extra special?

THIEN HUONG FOOD> I normally add whatever proteins left from my refrigerator. However, my favorite is steak.

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn about Thien Huong Food and your products!