Meet The Manufacturer: Interview with Fu Chung – Taiwan

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Was contacted in October 2018 by a company in Taiwan interested in having me sample their products. I accepted and today we start the review series! We start with an interview with Gary Ma of Fu Chung.

Interview With Fu Chung – Taiwan

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you for agreeing to this interview! To start, can you tell my readers about the history of Fu Chung?

FU CHUNG> Fu Chung was founded by the well known Taiwanese producer, Wang Wei-Chung and his
sister Wang Rong Rong in 2012. The goal was to continue Taiwan’s unique ‘juan cun’ cuisine and culture. ‘Juan cun’ were temporary villages built in Taiwan for the Nationalist soldiers and their dependents after they retreated from the mainland in 1949. The sister Wang Rong Rong was an expert at ‘juan cun’ cuisine because the family has lived in a juan cun for many years. She published three related cook books (see pictures below). Juan cun cuisine is so special because when the nationalist party retreated, the temporary villages were occupied by people from many different provinces in China. The variety of taste and recipes came together to form the very unique Taiwanese juan cun culture.

TRR> What was the first product you made?

FU CHUNG> The first product was a home recipe of a spicy chili sauce, would happy to mail you a sample of it.

TRR> Your company is located in Taiwan. Can you tell us a little about your country?

FU CHUNG> Taiwan is an island with high mountains and beautiful coastlines. Approximately 23 million people live on this island South East of China. Taiwan often leaves an impression of being a country that is known for its good food, especially street food like boba tea, beef noodles, and fried chicken.

TRR> Can you tell us about the varieties of noodles you make?

FU CHUNG> Our noodles are a type of traditional Taiwanese noodle, they are thick and wide cut with a big knife.

TRR> What does the name ‘Fu Chung’ mean?

FU CHUNG> ‘Fu’ in Chinese means luck and fortune.
‘Chung’ in Chinese means honesty and loyalty.
‘Chung’ was part of the founder’s name and we hope to add in the ‘Fu’ to give the
name a symbol of luck and happiness.

TRR> In what countries are your products available?

FU CHUNG> Our products are available in Taiwan, US (H-Mart or some Asian markets), Hong Kong, Australia, China.

TRR> How does your noodle making process differ from other instant noodle manufacturers?

FU CHUNG> Our noodles contain wheat, salt, and water only. They are without a lot of common seasonings and oil found in instant noodles. It is actually a very traditional way of Taiwanese noodle-making. The dough is repeatedly massaged and dried naturally with sunlight. This way the noodles can be cooked for a long time without falling apart, and they are thicker and juicer.

TRR> Are noodles the only products you make?

FU CHUNG> We also have sauces and jerky.

TRR> A lot of people are concerned with their sodium intake. How would you recommend people enjoy your product as part of a healthy meal?

FU CHUNG> We source natural produce from Chinese and Taiwanese farmers, our products do not contain any harmful chemicals so the consumers can eat with a peace of mind.

TRR> Are you involved in in your local community or participate in charities?

FU CHUNG> We periodically send our products to veterans and elders who need help.

TRR> Are there any new products coming soon?

FU CHUNG> We’re looking to launch new products in the first quarter of 2019. Will love to get your insight on them.

TRR> When you make noodles for yourself, what do you like to add to them to make them extra special?

FU CHUNG> We recommend adding some thin slices (strings) of cucumber, carrots, and adding a fried egg.

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn about Fu Chung and your products!

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