More New Samples From MyKuali

Here’s another box from MyKuali – hoping that it’s got what I am hoping it has inside! Let’s see!

More New Samples From MyKuali – Malaysia


This is the Japanese version of MyKuali’s Penang Red Tom Yum Goong (click to enlarge).

Ah ha (click to enlarge)! It’s always a ‘cross your fingers’ kind of thing when products contain meat and this one does. It made it through though and will be reviewed soon!

Here’s MyKuali’s Tom Yum noodle cup (click to enlarge).

Finally, here’s one my wife really likes (click to enlarge)! We use this in rice and add some chicken to it. Hainanese Chicken rice is usually served cold though. Good stuff! Thanks again! Can’t wait to try!

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