Product Samples From Tseng Noodles Of Taiwan

Today started well, then got a little crazy then got better – I started at 5am with reviewing some noodles. Then the power went out around 7am for over two hours! A bit later, the mailman knocked on the door with a big package of Taiwanese noodles! Tseng was in The Ramen Rater’s top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time 2016 list this year – and they have some new products! Let check them out!

Under the hood (click to enlarge)…

Some literature (click to enlarge) – something very helpful as all of the Tseng varieties have very little English on them.

Here are the three original wheat noodles by Tseng (click to enlarge) – they come in Scallion & Sichuan Pepper Flavor (top), Hu Sesame Flavor (lower left) abd finally Sichuan Pepper Flavor (lower right).

Here are the new varieties from Tseng (click to enlarge). These are all right noodles: from left to right – Seafood Laksa Flavor, Chinese Mushrooms with Soybean Vegetarian Braised Pork flavor and finally Spicy Braised Pork flavor. These sounds very interesting! Thank you very much to everyone at Tseng’s!

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