Meet The Manufacturer: Special Items From Nissin Hong Kong

A couple days back, I got a box from Nissin Hong Kong with instant noodle ‘premiums.’ Premiums are things that might be given away at a special event or prizes! I usually ask companies partaking in a Meet The Manufacturer if they might have some to send I can show – let’s see what’s inside!

Under the wraps.

Bubble wrap!

Wow (click to enlarge) – a really neat bowl featuring China Chai, Demae Ramen’s mascot!

A box (click to enlarge) containing a bowl.

A great little food bowl (click to enlarge)! The bowl and lid are plastic and a little metal bowl insert is within – could put noodles or rice in there and the lid and plastic bowl will keep the heat insulated.

A long box (click to enlarge) with the Demae Ramen logo.

Fancy chopsticks (click to enlarge) with the Demae Ramen logo.

Finally (click to enlarge) a little robe for a kid! They said that this could be for after a bath or after swimming at the beach! I wish they had these that were my size haha! Thank you very much for all these great items!

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