Meet The Manufacturer: #2023: Urban Noodle Authentic Street Food Black Bean

I’m a little curious on this one. See, Jjajang is really popular in China and South Korea; basically noodles with a black bean sauce. I’m curious as to if this is leaning in that direction, or whether it’s something on the Caribbean side; maybe a little citrus going on? Well, one way to find out – let’s crack it open and cook it up!

Detail of the side panels (click to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, empty contents of noodle pouch into box and separate with fork. Add in sauce sachet and close box back up. Microwave for 2 minutes at 650W (my microwave is 1100W with power levels of 1-10, so I’ll be using 6). Stir and enjoy!

The noodle pouch.

The sauce sachet – very large.

Some of the sauce.

Finished (click to enlarge). The noodles in this one were flat instead of round. They came out very nicely. The flavoring however was just strange. I expected maybe something of a Korean-Chinese fusion dish, but those are hearty and rich and not savory and sweet. In fact, this one was a little too sweet for me. The thinly sliced bamboo shoots don’t work for me either; leaving them whole would be nicer I think. What’s more, it has a kind of chemically aftertaste; like chlorine or soap. 0.0 out of 5.0 stars. EAN bar code 5011673403048.

Great British Cooking: A Well-kept Secret

[youtube url=[Jamie Oliver shows some black bean cooking.

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  1. These are actually pretty expensive for ramen.
    We have a few types of ramen at the moment – foreign imports (like nongshim and koka), cheap supermarket noodles (usually bland to horrible), good UK brands (like super noodles and pot noodles) and finally the trying-to-be-authentic-asian “gourmet” type ones like this which are usually expensive, made by small manufacturers and come in strange flavours.

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