Diverse Samples From MAMA!

At one point during my trip to Thailand earlier this month, there was a big seminar for all the European distributors of MAMA noodles. They had a table with all sorts of varieties I’d never seen, made in places I’d never reviewed varieties from. I asked if there was any chance I could get some of these samples, and they were happy to oblige – only problem was that my luggage was just stuffed! So they kindly offered to ship them to me and they arrived yesterday evening! I’m going to be doing a travelogue of my trip soon, and I think I’ll be reviewing some of these during that special series! Let’s have a look.

Pack varieties from Myanmar!

Cups from Myanmar!

These are snack noodles from Myanmar with Power Rangers on them! Awesome!

Pack varieties from Bangladesh!

Pack varieties from their new Hungarian factory!

Finally, some varieties from Cambodia! What makes all of these so special is that I’ve not reviewed any varieties from ANY of these countries before! Thank you so much to everyone at TF/MAMA! Looking forward to trying!

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