#1272: Samyang Foods Baked Noodle Spicy Grilled Beef Ramyun

Happy New Year to everyone! Thought after I did my 2.3 mile walk I’d come home and try some South Korean ramyun! This is one of Samyang Foods’ new baked noodle line. 2013 was the 50th anniversary of ramyun coming to South Korea. Let’s see what this new one is like!

The back of the package (click image to enlarge). To prepare, add noodles to 500ml boiling water for 4 minutes. Add sachet contents.

The noodle block.

Soup base powder sachet.

A good amount of it and it’s spicy as well.

A large sachet – but what’s inside?

Wow – a very nice assortment of vegetables!


What did we do for New Year’s Eve? Well, we did dig the dog’s clothes out of the closet.

Finished (click image to enlarge). Added beef, egg yolk, green onion, cheese and kimchi. The noodles have a very nice bounciness when chewed – they’re great! A little different from the ramyun I’m used to but in no way negatively. The broth is good as well – strong, rich and spicy. The vegetables were pretty good too. 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 8801073112964.

Here’s a video about South Korean street foods – part of the ‘Kimchi Chronicles’ series that was on PBS last year.


    1. What I do is I take a bowl and a ladle. I crack the egg into the ladle and rock it back and forth to get rid of all of the white and just leave the yolk. Once that’s all done, I drop it in the desired location on top of the bowl of noodles. It’s raw, so I like to stir it in.

      – TRR

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