#483: Itomen Yellow Buckwheat Ramen Bowl

This one was a puzzle – the only things in English on the packaging wwas a website called itomen.co.jp. I sent out a call for help in identifying this one and got help from a reader named Eric Z. from Parkland, FL! He scanned the bar code on the image and found it on Google! Not too shabby! Thanks again! Now let’s open this one up and see what’s inside.

On the left is a packet of dry seasoning and veggies, on the right, a bunch of little bits of who knows what. Upon opening the packet on the right, I figured out it was bits of tempura.

Awaiting the boiling water. I set the tempura pearls aside as they’d get real soggy while the noodles cooked.

Click image to enlarge. Added two fried eggs and sprinkled all the tempura on at the end. The broth is very tasty – the tempura was crunchy for a short time and then made the broth stewlike. The noodles were excellent and delicious. The eggs tied everything together. I loved this one – super good! 4.5 out of 5.0 stars!

Not sure if it relates, but here’s how Okinawa soba noodles are made.

I think I need one of these…

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