Re-Review: Samyang Beef Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

So I think I reviewed this in maybe 2003, so it’s been a long time and I thought it might be time for another take on it. From the sheer amount of commercials I’ve come across on YouTube for this stuff, I think that this is Samyang’s premiere product in Korea; although I could be totally wrong…

Red packet is soup base, green is veggies. Nice and colorful packets!

Colorful contents as well!

Click image to enlarge. So I don’t know how they do it on the commercials – I can’t seem to get an egg yolk to dance happily on top of the bowl of noodles like they do. It sure tastes good though! The noodles were of good character – chewy but not like the last review I did where the chewiness was excessive. The broth was very tasty – a little spicy but not overboard and the veg was perfect. Then the egg ties it all together. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars – very nice stuff. Get it here.

So it looks like this group of women is called “Girls Generation” and they are in every single Samyang commercial I’ve seen so far. I think they’re like the Spice Girls or something.


  1. I need to get you a pack of the ramen from Korea the next time my mother in law sends a care package. Even though it is instant, the noodles seem so much better than what we get here.

  2. Girls’ Generation is actually the biggest girl group in Asia right now, and they will soon be dominating the world. lol

    I actually just finished a bowl of Samyang Spicy Beef Ramen, and it tastes like food in heaven with the fires from hell. It is the best instant noodles I’ve ever tasted in my whole life.

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