#210: Rocket Brand Satoimo Noodles

So. Rocket Brand Satoimo Noodles. These were next to some instant noodles at Uwajimaya in Seattle. Purple noodles. So what’s Satoimo? Wikipedia says:

In Japan, it is called satoimo (サトイモ, satoimo?), (kanji: 里芋) “village potato”. The “child” and “grandchild” corms which bud from the parent satoimo, are called imonoko (芋の子, imonoko?). Satoimo has been propagated in Southeast Asia since the late Jōmon period. It was a regional staple food before rice became predominant. The tuber, satoimo, is often prepared through simmering, but occasionally grated and eaten raw or steamed. The stalk, zuiki, can also be prepared a number of ways, depending on its variety.

This was found under the main subject of Taro. So purple taro noodles. Okay!

Wow they certain are purple – I mean this is ridiculous!

I really dig the logo. I first thought that these noodles might be made out of the ‘space potato,’ a potato that was genetically modified with the gene that makes eggplants purple.

So here’s the 411 on the purple stuff.

Here they are cooking. They cooked in about five minutes.

Click image to enlarge. Here are the noodles served to my lady! I baked up a breaded chicken breast, made some green beans and there’s the purple noodles and all on a blue plate. Well, since these are simply noodles, not much to say about them. She couldn’t decide if she liked them or not. I liked them okay but wasn’t really impressed. So, I’m going to give them a clean 2.5 out of 5.0 stars – they’re not bad, not super duper and exactly average – except for the color!


  1. Out of the package those noodles remind me of grape big league chew. I wanted to stuff a big wad of that shredded gum in my gullet. I like how you made the noodles part of a well balanced colorful meal. Very interesting product.

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