#209: Nissin Souper Meal Beef Flavor Minestrone with Premium Straight-Cut Noodles

It’s big, it’s burly, it’s insanity. I really think the USA is the only country that this is marketed to. Super size me ramen! 2960mg of sodium and 560 calories. But hey, that 14g of protein will help on the jog you take after eating this!

So a couple of packets – veggies and soup base. I was pleased to see the amount of veggies here.

Oodles of veggies! I tried a chunk of the uncooked noodle cake and a smidgen of the beef flavoring – wow that could be eaten just like that – very tasty stuff! But this isn’t dry ramen rater so I added the water and microwaved for the four and a half minutes.

One thing they add to these bowls are the ‘flavor enhancer’ otherwise known as the ‘finishing touch.’ I tried it straight and it was like a bit of beef fat and teriyaki and sesame oil. At least that’s what it tasted like. The ingredients were all encompassing and not broken down as to packet.

Click image to enlarge. Here she is in all of her glory. I christen this the USS Ubernoodle. I’m not going to lie – this is pretty good. The noodles are what you’d expect; a little mushy. But the veggies are nice and  a little sweet, there are bit of dehydrated beef [could be soya protein or textured vegetable protein – not sure] and the broth is nice and tasty – I think the finishing touch made it better. So the only issue is whether I can eat the whole thing or not. I tend to doubt it. I’m going to give it 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. I feel that the individual flavors and textures are good but together they kind of run together and don’t make me cheer. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if it were spicy as well. UPC bar code 070662007013.


  1. Ancient Roman Ramen, I actually absolutely love this ramen. I agree the noodles get slightly mushy quickly as soon as it hits your mouth. Although I do not mind this noodles texture so much. I do love my Asian ramen flavor varieties, but that sweet smell of minestrone in a instant ramen package is instant soul food for me. I actually can not say our Ramen Rater sommelier is off with his rating when compared to the real deal. (Beef Minestrone) I personally give it an extra point for the Ancient Roman style soup flavoring for this nostalgic childhood classic soup.

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