#538: Lucky Me! Instant Lomi (Seafood Vegetable) Instant Noodles Artificial Seafood Flavor

So I’m going to make a special dinner tonight for my lady and I – we’re gonig to have Nissin Chicken Top Ramen and Nissin Demae Ramen concurrently and review and compare both. Well, I thought hey why not have a small pack of this filipino ramen noodle stuff, I mean, I’m a little hungry so why not.

The noodles were humongous! I was very surprised!

The single gleaming silver packet was monolithic in stature and held a lot of powder.

A whole lot… I couldn’t help but wet my finger and dip it into it and have a taste…

So this is a hallway. I often walk out into this hallway or come home from somewhere with my lady and we both look at each other with this sort of disgusted ‘what the hell’ expression. This is due to a smell. A smell that I think comes from…

THIS (click image to enlarge)! As soon as I put the soup and noodle in and gave a stir, I felt a sort of retching feeling come over me. Then guess what? I went into the hallway and couldn’t smell the funky smell. Why? Because I think my nose was already full of it! Of course, I’m eating it. It’s like a lemon filet of sole with cream corn and Pine Sol melange that kicks you right in the sensory perceptors. Oh god.. . Okay so the noodles were interesting… Aside from that, too salty. Very Funyuns tasting. Ecch… Seafood taste but the wrong taste – the seafood that you don’t want thats left at ythe end of the day at the seafood counter at the bottom of the melted ice… To top it off the last little sips of broth were slightly gelatinous. 0.5 out of 5.0 stars and those 0.5 stars are for bizarreness and the fact that at least the noodles were interesting, what little of them there was. Wow. I mean really.  Someone around here really like it though.


  1. This stuff is really great! you should cook it with egg. mix the egg in it. this is a noodle of chinese origin here in the philippines 🙂

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