#101: Ve Wong Instant Oriental Noodle Soup Artificial Sesame Chicken Flavor

So if I’ve counted right, this is ramenrater review number 93. 93 different kinds – holy crap… Once I get to 100 I’ll put on a pink tutu and wet my pants or something I don’t know… Anyways, here’s some Ve Wong Sesame Chicken flavor.

Here’s the sesame – was a decently sized and filled packet.

Here’s the chicken flavoring…

As you can see there was a LOT of the sesame oil for this one.

So here’s the final product (click image to enlarge). As you can guess by the large amount of oil, it definitely had a lot of sesame flavor. What was not at all expected and a very pleasant surprise was of all things ginger. There was a nice little piece of tasty ginger in there – small yes, but bigger than I’d expect to be coming from a dry powder packet! So yes very good and also the chicken flavor was nice. I really liked it much more than I expected and am giving it a 4.25 out of 5 stars rating. Very tasty and a nice little zest. Excellent!


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