#62: Maggi Rice Noodle Mania – Lemon Masala

Maggi: Rice Noodle Mania – Lemon Masala
Stars: * 1 / 2
Noodles: Rice Flour
Packets: 1 “Tastemaker”
Country of Origin: India

Back of package (click image to enlarge).

Upon opening the packet, I was greeted by an extremely lemony odor. Not lemon puckery lemon, but more like the scent of iced tea.

Here’s the pre-cooked noodle chunk. Usually I like to take the pic right before the dunking into the boiling water, but these being rice noodles, I opted not to get them all over the place in the name of my art.

So here’s the unadulterated finished product (click image to enlarge). As always, the score given is based on how the noodles taste at this point, along with the broth/seasoning. The lemon flavor was very pungent, and somewhat helpful in covering the masala flavor, a flavor I don’t really like with noodles like these. As for the noodles, they were thinner than your normal instant noodles, but they just didn’t make me all that excited, hence the low score.

So now it’s time to happy up these noodles! I started with adding a ton of leftover chicken breast I microwaved. I baked it last night with some Italian dressing…

Then to add a little something else (and to get rid of more leftovers) I added some of the Parmesan couscous from last night as well. At this point in the game, the masala flavor is much diminished, however the lemon is very present. This meal works now. Get it here.


  1. That gives me an idea – instead of the usual flavor packet that comes with instant cous cous, I wonder how a ramen packet would do? Maybe something spicy! Or the packets from an indomie mi goreng? Could be interesting. So many possibilities!

  2. Oh my gosh, you like that cous cous too? I eat it every day just like ramen as part of my lunch too! Its that “near east” brand right? I didnt care for the parmesan flavor at all, though. I really like “herbed chicken”. Its fantastic. And its better the second day, in my opinion. Cous-cous is similar to ramen actually. Its instant pasta.. with flavoring packets that you boil. Would you ever review cous-cous?

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