#61: Maggi 2 Minute Noodles – Curry

Maggi: 2 Minute Noodles – Curry Flavor
Stars: * * 1 / 2
Noodles: Wheat flour
Seasoning Packets: 1 ‘Tastemaker’ Packet, medium sized
Country of Origin: India

Back of the pack (click image to enlarge). No instruction on how to cook were visible, but they were most likely under the US required Nutrition Facts sticker. I had a pack of Lemon Masala 2 Minute Noodles, which did have visible;e instructions. 1 1/2 teacups boiling water and packet. Add noodles for 2 minutes. Stir. Enjoy.

Here’s the ‘Tastemaker’ packet. It’s pretty puffed out and definitely full of flavor.

Here’s the contents of the Tastemaker packet blended into the water.

Thought a couple fried eggs might compliment the noodles…

Even Andreas thought the food smelled good, although he wouldn’t touch it after it was cooked.

Your basic brick of instant noodles…

Cook… Cook! COOK!!!

Unadulterated finished product (click image to enlarge). My review is based upon this entirely. The noodles were not anything remarkable. The broth was very salty. A little heat and curry flavor, however not what I expecteed from a curry flavor instant noodle from India. I would recommend Nissin Demae Ramen curry flavor for more curry-like taste.

So on go the throng of egglitude…

Some pink pickled ginger….

A couple flairs of Bango….

Finally, a couple dribs and drabs of ABC Manis Pedas. It ended up being an excellent meal, despite where it started. The cooking of the eggs and adding of condiments took it well over the 2 Minute mention on the package. Get it here.


  1. Indian curry is different from Japanese curry, so a flavour difference is to be expected. And there are many varieties of Indian curry. The Maggi curry flavour noodles give a taste of one variety of Indian curry; Nissin Demae Ramen would be expected to give a Japanese flavour.

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